Please eat what’s in Season!Ojai Pixie Tangerines

The best thing to do is eat in-season fruits and vegetables.  It is best for your body as fruits and vegetables that are grown close to where you live are fresher and therefore more full of vitamins. It is also best for the farmers as we want to get our fruits picked and sold in season!   Ojai Pixies come into season at the same time as many other tasty spring foods.  You will find Ojai Pixies pared with strawberries, honey, asparagus, avocados, spring greens, sweet peas, and of course chocolate! Enjoy the season and try some of these favorites:

Chefs on Tour to Ojai

This is a really fun piece on Chef Tom Fraker’s visit to Ojai full of photos and mouth watering ideas!

Food Bloggers and their Recipes

Vicki Bensinger: Orange Popsicle Ice Cream Push-Ups and Sea Bass with Strawberry Tangerine Salsa
Cooking on the Weekends: Pixie Tangerine Mascarpone Ice Cream
Shockingly Delicious, Pixie Tangerine Dressing
Trusturgut, Ojai Pixie Marmalade by Tajimarie

Other Ojai Pixie RecipesPost image for Pixie Tangerine-Mascarpone Ice Cream Recipe

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Sunkist is great at selling citrus worldwide, click here for recipes by Sunkist

Asparagus and crab salad with Pixie tangerine dressing, chef Jamie West

Roasted Breast of Chicken with Pixie Tangerine, Lavender Honey and Chipotle Glaze, chef Jamie West

Warm Pixie Tangerine Pudding Cake, chef Jamie West

Tuna Salad with Avocado, crispy won tons and Pixie Tangerine Dressing, chef Jamie West

Ojai Pixie Tangerine Drinks!

Of course you can make juice from Ojai Pixies, which means you can make special drinks.  Some of Ojai’s restaurants make excellent cocktails with our fruit.  Visit Azu’s for great cocktails or the famous Ojai Pixie cocktails at Suzanne’s.

Foodie Goes Healthy, Tangerine Mint Spritzer