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I bought a bag of Ojai Pixie Tangerines at Wegmans grocery store inState College,PA. They were absolutely wonderful!!! I hope they still have some – I returning for another bag today.
P. Decker

I just wanted to let you know that I found pixies at my local grocer in LA.  They’re so wonderful!!!  I’m completely hooked, and will look for some of your growers at the SaMo farmer’s market to buy them direct.  Thanks for all the hard work!!  These little guys rock!

“The tangerines are terrific, and I look forward to when they come into season every year.”
L.Fagan (whose childhood nickname was ” Pixie”)

Photo by Vickie Pearson

“The Produce Manager seemed very opened to carrying your Pixies. I told him that they were are about 100 times better than Satsuma Tangerines – which frankly I don’t think are very consistent in sweetness…..I told him that we’d buy many cases if he started selling Ojai Pixies. I’m keeping my fingers crossed.”

“We have enjoyed Ojai Pixie Tangerines for the last 3 years. We are very disappointed when the season is over. We can’t wait for the next March. They satisfy our sweet tooth better than candy! Again, thank you for your efforts.”
P. & B. Chicou

“Your Pixies are still the most delicious citrus fruit there is…as a kid in the 1960s and 1970s, my family would drive up from Point Mugu/Oxnard just to buy the fresh fruit straight from the farmer’s stands. I remember the tangerines and valenciaValencia oranges growing all the way from Ojai down towards Santa Paula.
They were so sweet, who needs candy and so much better for you. I moved away to go to university in the middle 1970s and settled in Northern California, but the memories of fruit from Ojai still ran deep. I found your Pixies three weeks ago in a Lunardi’s Market in San Jose. I’ve been back every week buying more.
Thanks for growing and shipping your treasure out of Ventura County. It’s too good to horde it. I’ve even heard the checkers and other customers remarking how sweet and delicious they are (the general remark was “they don’t look it, but they sure taste great”). Can’t always judge a book by its cover. Keep delivering the best citrus I’ve tasted in over 51 years of experience! “
Bruce, A Bay Area Ojai Pixie fan

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A carton of Ojai Pixies ready for market.