Ojai Pixie tangerines hail from the Ojai Valley.  The Ojai Valley is a beautiful east-west valley about 12 miles east of the city of Ventura, in Ventura County, California. Our town has deemed April to be Ojai Pixie month replete with Ojai Pixie specials at restaurants, spas and retail stores.  In addition to excellent citrus, Ojai is known for having the oldest and biggest amateur tennis tournament in the United States, for its annual Ojai Music Festival, for having more private schools than you can shake a stick at, and for being the place where theosophist J. Krishnamurti lived and taught in the United States.

Due to it’s unique geography, Ojai has the perfect microclimate for flavor development of late season tangerines.  Mr. Frank Noyes who first planted Ojai Pixies as an experiment as well as his neighbor, Elmer Friend, realized that the Pixie tangerine developed exceptional flavor here in Ojai.  (The Napa Valley grows excellent wine grapes as the Ojai Valley grows excellent tangerines).  Elmer’s son-in-law, Tony Thacher, realized the potential of Ojai Pixies as his kids plowed through these flavorful tangerines well before other varieties– Ojai Pixies love the Ojai Valley!

Ojai has a great farmers’ market and you can find Ojai Pixies there on Sundays from 9AM – 1PM during Ojai Pixie season. Come visit Ojai and purchase Ojai Pixies!

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