Springtime is Ojai Pixie Season!

Ojai Pixie Tangerines

  • Sweet, seedless, and easy to peel
  • Delicious eaten out of hand or in salads
  • Kids love them

Ojai Pixie Tangerine Growers grow the best springtime tangerines. Almost 40 tangerine growers – family-scale farmers all of us – have a total of about 25,000 tangerine trees in southern California’s beautiful Ojai Valley. Our tangerines come ripe sometime in March, and we sell them both wholesale and direct for as long as we have fruit to sell, usually sometime in May or June.

Ojai Pixie harvest 2014 will begin in March, please be patient while our little orbs of yumminess ripen!  The hot summer of 2013 (when the fruits were just tiny green dots), should translate into some really tasty fruit for the spring.  Sign up on our e-mail list or Facebook and receive notice when the harvest 2014 starts.

Click here for a list of places to buy Ojai Pixies.