Ojai Pixie season 2017 is on its way– we will begin harvest of a huge crop in March.
The world’s largest Ojai Pixie crop is coming soon!  The trees are LOVING the water falling out of the sky.  As the soil soaks in the rains the trees are sighing and leaves bursting with joy.  The water is making it’s way into the ripening fruits and just waiting for a few warmer weeks to convert that sunlight and water into yummy tasty orbs of Ojai’s peelable sweet sunshine.   We really are looking towards a great Ojai Pixie year with over 6 million pounds to harvest!
Yet we are not out of the drought, you can visit this page and it will hopefully answer your questions about Ojai’s citrus growing and the drought.

The Asian Citrus Psyllid in Ojai: This insect pest has arrived in Ojai, and the disease it carries is in our county around Somis and Moorpark.  Please visit this page set up by Ojai Growers for regular updates.  It is important that everyone in Ojai work together to keep this pest from wreaking havoc upon the citrus in our lovely valley.

Ojai Pixie Tangerines

  • Grown only on small family farms
  • Sweet, seedless, and easy to peel
  • Delicious eaten out of hand or in salads
  • Kids love them
  • Perfectly portable for purses or picnics

Ojai Pixie Tangerine Growers grow the best springtime tangerines. 52 tangerine growers – family-scale farmers all of us – have a total of about 25,000 tangerine trees in southern California’s beautiful Ojai Valley. Our tangerines come ripe sometime in March, and we sell them both wholesale and direct for as long as we have fruit to sell, usually sometime in May or June.

Please enjoy the season and let us know where you find our fruits.

Click here for a list of places to buy Ojai Pixies.